Chair - Teena Stewart                         
Event Team Chair - Karin Koval
FB Admins - Teena & Karin
Primary Facebook Poster
     Kathryn Regel
Secondary Facebook Poster
     Tracy Gansrow
Instagram Manager
     Kathryn Regel
Mailing List Data Manager 
     Kathryn Regel
Mail Chimp Ezine Manager
     Teena Stewart
Press Release Manager
     Teena Stewart
Print Materials Manager
     Kathryn Regel
Website Managers
     Karin Koval & Julie Stephan
Website Graphic Designer
     Julie Stephan
Online Sales & Photos
     Karin Koval
Juried Art Show - Robert Havens

Chair - Meredith Janssen
Members - 
    Barbara Haeme
    Harold  Humphrey
    Loretta Ivey
    Tracy Gansrow
Chair - Barbara Haeme
Members -
    Amy McHugh
    Carrie Graves
    Tracy Gansrow 
    Harold Humphrey






The Publicity Team is responsible for publicity for Trade Alley Art Gallery through a variety of media including paid and free advertising, print, and social media. The team is responsible for planning a yearly/monthly promotional plan and budget based on events.

Scheduled events may be brainstormed by the team but actual event planning falls under the jurisdiction of the Event Team which works collaboratively with the Publicity Team.

Publicity Team Chair – Oversees all aspects of the Publicity Team and the team budget and expenses. Maintains or assigns a pub team member to maintain The Publicity Expense Tracking sheet.


Areas of the team’s jurisdiction include:




In order to provide consistency and quality control, only authorized people are allowed to post on the gallery Facebook page. General members can share items they think might be of benefit to the gallery’s FB followers but they should first ask the Secondary Facebook Poster for approval since this would fall under additional Facebook content. 




Facebook Administrators - The Publicity Team Chair and Events Team Chair both serve   as administrators. They: 


  • Monitor and approve posts 

  • Invite people who like posts to follow the Facebook page

  • Update pertinent information on the Facebook page as needed   

Facebook Editors - Are Publicity Team members with the exception of one Executive Board member. They are authorized to edit the gallery’s Facebook posts as needed and can also post on the gallery Facebook page.


PrimaryFacebook Poster –

  • Photographs gallery art to use for posts

  • Manages paid ads. 

  • Manages posts for events.

  • Creates artwork and text for paid posts 

  • Creates artwork for event handouts, posters and cards (usually based on artwork for paid ads) and oversees printing.  Distributes these printed materials and makes them available at the gallery for distribution by members.

  • Posts at least twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays

  • Creates paid ads and shares them on Facebook using the best policies for social media posting for FB.  (See Appendix A, Directions for Posting on FB and Instagram). Turns in receipts for expenses to Treasurer for reimbursement.*

  • Updates the Expenses sheet and provides a current copy to Publicity Team Chair



Secondary Facebook Poster 2  –  Manages organic, unpaid posts for TAA Facebook page. 

  • Posts at least twice a week on days other than Primary Facebook Poster.

  • Content can include inspirational quotes, art-related events, art-related videos and related art content that might encourage people to share.




Instagram Manager - Posts organic posts at least twice a week and paid posts on the Trade Alley Art Instagram page.*  Provides treasurer with receipts.





 Mailing List Data Manager - Gathers contact info from guest sign-in book and from gallery receipts. 

  • Gets receipt copies from TAA Treasurer for data input. (Contact info to Include first and last name, email, address and occupation (when applicable.)

  • Imports into spreadsheet format which can be saved for general contact info.

  • Imports newest updated contacts into the Mailchimp list.

  • Maintains the Mailchimp contact list including purging email bounces and inactives.


Mailchimp Ezine Manager - Sends out ezine notices regarding special events




PR Manager - Preps and sends press releases to Media List regarding upcoming events

  • Writes ads to appear in print or online publications as needed. (See Meida List, Appendix C.) 



            Website Manager - Oversees website management and updates.

  • Uploads current gallery calendar of scheduled members provided by Calendar Manager

  • Maintains current member contact roster provided by head of jury committee for distribution and uploads to website

Uploads any other forms needed for website (i.e. consignment/member app form, etc.)

  • Maintains current member contact roster provided by head of jury committee for distribution and uploads to website

  • Uploads any other forms needed for website (i.e. consignment/member app form, etc.)                 




Online Store Management Team is a sub-team of the Publicity Team which works collaboratively to gather photos and products for the gallery’s online store and upload them for sale. 




Online Store Photographer - Photographs artwork and artisan gifts for online store


Online Store Graphic Designer - Resizes and edits photos for online store


Online Store Designer/Manager - Uploads products descriptions. Removes products and descriptions when sold.


Online Sales Monitor – 

  • Checks several times daily for store sales. 

  • Reports sales via phone and email to the artist who sold to remind them to ship the product.

  • Reminds artist to contact gallery worker on duty to notify them to place a sold sign on the artwork if it is in the gallery.

  • Marks artwork from which FB selections can be made.  

  • Monitors daily “running” FB ad results, updates log.



Event Team Manager oversees the events team which may consist of adhoc event planning teams for each event. Team Manager also works with Publicity Team Manager to coordinate events and publicity. Acts as a intermediary between adhoc event planning and the Executive Board to approve activities and dates.

  • Provides the Publicity Team Manager, Mail Chimp Ezine Manager, and Social Media Managers crucial info regarding date of upcoming event, and event facts (using the Event Promo Form, See Appendix B) 

  • Notifies Executive Board of Planned Events and date

  • Works with Publicity Team to set sales and specials for the gallery. 

*Expenses for Facebook and Instagram and posting on both of these social media networks are typically managed by the same person


TS (rev. 06/15/20)

Appendix A

Directions for Posting Instagram and FB Posts and Ad Photos


Facebook Ads & Posts

Ideal photo size for FB ad post. Can use an image or video

No more than 20% text max. on the ad photo. (This does not apply to the ad in the body copy.) Be wary of a text-based logo. Any logo that is primarily text is counted as text regardless of its size or alignment. Similarly, watermarks and numbers all count as text for the purpose of these calculations.

Recommended image size: 1200 x 628 (1080 x 1080 for a 1:1 image). No maximum size restrictions


For ideal FB ads such as carousel ads and messenger ads use this info


Instagram Ads & Posts

Ideal photo size is 1080 pix wide x 1350 px high

Appendix B

Event Promo Form (rev. 06/2020)


Please use this form to promote your planned Trade Alley Art event to help us improve communication and expedite promo.

Your completed event promo form should be sent out to the following people four weeks prior to the date of the event in order to allow ample time for team members to set up their portion of promo.


Send finished form to to:

Website manager

Mailchimp manager

Press release manager

Facebook ad /Facebook event manager

Instagram manager


Name of Event __________________________________________________________________


Event Purpose ___________________________________________________________________



Date of Event______________ Event Time: (ex. 6:00-8:00 pm)


Location of Event (if location differs from TAA)


Description.  (Be sure to include any fees to participants if the event is not free. Also, if specific images are to be used, attach them to this form.)



Review the proposed press release(s) and ads, making any appropriate changes.  



 NOTE: Event form is not downloadable, so please screen capture and print to use, or simply follow the guidelines.                                                         



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