12x36 acrylic mixed media triptych mounted on canvas.  This original abstract painting is aptly named with its allusion to feather, eagle, horse, canyon and dreams.  Truly one of a kind, it is signed by the artist and ready to hang.  Price includes shipping. 

Native Dreams

  • Dreamlike images can arise while painting, and part of staying true as an artist means trusting your intuition when they do. Native Dreams came from playing with the same color palette on three 10x10 canvases. As I worked each canvas with both brush and palette knives, the forms of an eagle and a horse began to appear. A few details solidified the images--a horse jumping a chasm--an eagle descending from a heavenly feather. It all felt vaguely Native American, and although I am not of that culture, I have always admired their spiritual connection to the earth and to dreams. The three are mounted on a simple black canvas, topped with a worn piece of wood strung with beads.