Spotlight Artists
Each month one or more of our artists will give us insights into them and their artwork by "telling their story." Check our Facebook page for information about upcoming events. 
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Olympiad                  Meredith Janssen

How Was it Made? 
Saturday, July 30th, 11:30 am
How was that pretty watercolor made?  Join us, as Meredith Janssen demonstrates the process of watercolor, an art she has practiced for 19 years. During her demo she'll explain what to look for in a good watercolor, and will also give insights into various print-making techniques.
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Feeding the Pigeons                     Meredith Janssen
Hair Today
The 3C's:
Colorful Contemporary Creativity!
Saturday July 30th
Timmy Smith’s paintings have been getting rave reviews from our visitors.  Join us as he demonstrates his methods, his inspiration, and shares more of his artworks and processes.
Hair Today                               Timmy Smith